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Tonight I did something I haven’t done in a long time. Maybe ever. I prayed with my brother. We held hands, closed our eyes, cried, and prayed. He was worried about our friend’s dad who isn’t doing well health wise, so we prayed for him. We prayed for peace and a painless night and for sleep. That seemed to apply to us also so I prayed the same things for us. Peace. Painless nights. Sleep. He squeezed my hand tighter and tighter. I cried harder and harder. When I said “amen” he hugged me. As much as you can hug when one of you is in a hospital bed and the other in a wheel chair. But we made it work. He hugged me and said he loved me. And then handed me the box of tissues.

This has been so hard. I don’t know why it happened to us. It’s hard to stay upbeat and positive all the time. But, tonight I prayed with my brother. And for tonight, that’s enough.