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So this is one of the most amazing things that has happened to me throughout all this crazy bombing/hospital/rehab/leg cast situation. Famous people have been visiting all the victims. Red Sox players, Celtics, Patriots, the President, Kevin Spacey, Bradley Cooper…Anyway, my sister emailed Shauna Niequist, who is one of my favorite authors and explained to her our situation, and she made this video for me and sent me a package full of cards and goodies from Chicago. (I haven’t gotten the package yet as this rehab place is over protective and won’t let us get any mail) But I am SO excited to see what is in it!

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to review Shauna’s new book Bread & Wine. You can see the review here. I love her writing. She is an inspiration to me and it is just the coolest thing that she sent me this video. The body of Christ is amazing. And I’m so glad she’s my “sister”.

Password for the video is Gina (capital G)