Charleston, South Carolina

Let me take you to Charleston, South Carolina.

Palmetto trees line the streets as you enter the city. A horse and carriage pulls out in front of you. A tour of the city with a guide that takes you slowly around the rainbow-colored houses to the clip clop of horses hooves. You turn a corner to escape the carriage and are stopped by thousands of tourists teeming up and down King Street in search of the perfect restaurant or an amazing shopping experience. Pulling away from the throngs of King Street and you will sadly be stuck behind a golf cart. Some aristocrat want-to-be who feels the need to flaunt their wealth by zooming around Charleston at amazing speeds of 25 mph in a cart intended for a golf course not the streets of a bustling city.


In this city lit by gas lamps, and amazing age-old architecture you find yourself dreaming of what might have been, strolling past the houses donning hues of soft pinks and peach, greens, yellows, and blues. Ancient charm oozes out of the stucco buildings. Ornate wooden doors stand proudly ornamented with door knockers that look like pineapples or palmettos. The gardens, hiding behind moss-covered walls, add to the mystery and ambiance of this southern city.

We started off the weekend at 5 Church. God bless this old church and the amazing restaurant now housed within it. Maybe that’s sacrilegious, but wow. From the old stained glass windows, to the ceilings entirely covered in writing, to the angel wing lights above the bar, the artistry of this restaurant is unbelievable. And that’s not even considering the food. We had cheesy poutine dripping with salty, flavorful gravy, $3 mimosas, and a delightful southern breakfast with flaky biscuits, crispy bacon, creamy grits, and perfectly cooked eggs.


If you know me you know any trip is not complete without visits to multiple coffee shops. Charleston is full of enchanting places and amazing coffee. The Rise is hands down our favorite. A part of The Restoration Hotel, it is a beautiful little shop full of white marble and natural light. Sadly, The Rise was closed this weekend for an event, so we headed over to The Harbinger, which is a close second. Although in an odd part of town, very far north on King Street, this adorable shop is owned by some of the sweetest women who make amazing, amazing pastries, snacks, and coffee.


We ended the weekend at SNOB. It stands for Slightly North of Broad, but it definitely feeds the inner snob that, come on admit it, you have. The decor is nothing to write home about, but this established restaurant does it right where it counts. Warm, sweet cornbread brought to your table. Drinks that are handsome, colorful, and delicious. The food is out of this world We ordered butternut squash bisque, oxtail gnocchi with charred corn, cilantro, mole, & feta, a duck breast with a pumpkin custard,a  plum glaze & honey thyme reduction, and pork chops with mushroom farrotto, caramelized onions & apple chutney. Every bite was heaven. We savored each flavor until we had cleaned all our plates and, although full, I wanted to pick up the gnocchi plate and lick it clean. It was the best mole I have ever tasted. Anywhere.



While there are so many things to enjoy in Charleston, this was it for my quick weekend trip! I have many other spots that I enjoy if you want to know more just message me! Or for a great book on Charleston, click here !

Happy Travels!