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Everyone is asking for an update, so here’s a quick synopsis. Peter and I are in rehab. We get Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy for 1 1/2 hours every day. (3 hours/day total) We also had speech therapy evaluations to see if we suffered any brain damage which neither of us did.

I am very mobile. I am independent in my room and get around with the walker. I can take my wheel chair to go visit Pete, and I am getting very confident with crutches. I have tons of nerve pain in my foot which is a good thing. I still have no feeling in my foot or ankle and have a full leg cast that is keeping my knee bent at a 70 degree angle.  Pete is harder to move around. He has skin grafts and burns and a large hole in his left foot. He has to keep his right leg straight out in front of him so he can get into a wheel chair with help and has to have a leg rest keeping his leg up. It’s not very comfortable for him though so he usually only gets into the wheel chair when he has to go to therapy.

Rebekah will be joining us here today! I’m not sure what time, but she is coming. We will all be on the same floor and our rooms are all close to each other. She has had a lot of complications and a lot of pain. I don’t really know all of her injuries, but bones in her hand are broken along with bones in her leg and foot. She hasn’t gotten out of bed much except to move to a recliner. She still has lots of pain so you can be praying for that. That they would get her meds balanced right and the she would start to heal and feel less pain.

Noah is at home in Texas with his grandpa. He is all recovered and had his stitches removed and before he left here was running around and mostly back to his normal self. He got tons of loot from the red sox and many others so he was enjoying being a celebrity in Boston. Pray for him as he will have emotional things to deal with and also he will be missing his mom!

Kim & Colton are back home in NC. They are doing well. Adjusting to being back to work/school. Colton’s parents came to visit so that was really encouraging for them.

Mom & Dad went back to NY for a few days and Dad is actually on his way here right now. He will be here until Wednesday when he will take me HOME! I am being discharged and can’t wait to get back to NY! I will be looking forward to lots of visitors. (And good food)