Today was for sure interesting, from crying at work while trying to reason with my boss, to him throwing a spatula across the store and breaking it against the wall, to a guy who yelled at me for the Hunger Games CD “We’re supposed to be ELIMINATING hunger, not making games out of it!” (ummmm…). Yeah. Interesting.

So, crying at work…There was a mix up and it’s not my boss’ fault but since I’ve been with the bux so long I am capped for pay so I should get a bonus instead of a raise, but he didn’t know how to do it and entered it wrong and therefore I get no bonus. No raise, no bonus. Really frustrating. Mostly because I’ve been desperately wanting to go to the Storyline Conference next weekend and if my bonus went through today I would have had enough money to pay for it. I have been praying that God would show me if I was supposed to go and was not expecting this to be the answer, but there it was. So I was really upset for a while and told my boss I was really frustrated and tried to see if there was anything we could do to fix it, and of course I’m crying haha because that’s what I do when I’m really frustrated. To no avail. So I just prayed on my break and THANKED God for His answer even though it was NOT at all what I wanted, because I really could have used that money. My best friend reminded me that God sees what’s coming up so He knows what He’s doing. So true! My attitude was improved after that and I kept pondering why this was happening, but trusting God that it was right.

When I came home today I had one piece of mail. From the IRS. Stating that in 2008…yes 2008 I didn’t pay enough taxes so I owe them a small amount, plus a huge amount of interest since that was oh 4 years ago and they failed to tell me. Yup. Um…God really? First no bonus then a whopping bill from 2008 that I owe to the IRS? My mom just smiled and said “that’s life!” (thanks mom). But she’s right. And again, God knows what He’s doing. I am indeed frustrated that I am now a lot more poor, but still I have peace. Oh and one more thing, I have to buy a new car.

I made lemonade. No seriously, my parents are having company for dinner and my mom asked me to make lemonade. But when my dad asked what I was doing, I simply responded “God gave me lemons today, so I’m making lemonade”. Its true. God is faithful. Money is so frustrating to me. But I have been faithful in my tithing and giving and I KNOW that He will provide me with everything I need. And I am also very thankful that I have a clear answer about whether or not I should go to the conference, because I really really really wanted to go but didn’t know if it was a wise decision to travel to an unknown city by myself and spend a lot of money for a 2 day conference. I like clear answers. I don’t necessarily like the answer, but I like the fact that I am no longer undecided.

God sees what’s coming. He knows what’s up. So I’m just following Him. I’m pretty clueless!