Two days off in a row and what am I to do? Its snowing outside. A wet thick snow that has attached to everything in its path. Weighing down the branches already full of blooms and leaves. It’s hard to remember that only three days ago it was 87 and we broke the record for hottest day in April. Only in Rochester… I haven’t done anything much. My nails are painted. I’ve watched some tv. I have walked A LOT, and I’ve read three books. (Yes 3 books in two days…) I’ve forgotten how good it feels to read books. To be completely lost in another world. You would think that I would be sublimely productive having two days off in a row, but no. I haven’t done anything productive. Not really. Maybe today I’ll be more successful, but I have been completely happy to enjoy this day, walk, rest, read, and hang out with the fam. Did I mention that it was snowing?

Pinterest is my addiction. And movies. And baking. And reading cookbooks. Papa and I can read cookbooks and talk about recipes while listening to classical music for hours. He knows every song and every composer. It’s quite impressive. He also now knows how to push “I’m still listening” on Pandora so it will keep playing music. Pretty impressive for an old dude. He’s so cute. We were going to make a banana cake but then he decided we should wait until next week. Not quite sure what we are waiting for.

I lunched with Rebecca, dined with Carolyn, hung out with Dea, talked to Liz for hours…Sweet friendships. I am so thankful for them all. I am really trying to focus my time on friendships that encourage my heart. Finding ways to bless others, and writing down things I am thankful for and qualities I love in people. Focusing less on me. Some people are easy. I can find tons of good things about them. Positive, adventurous, genuine, devoted, wise, honest, beautiful, artistic, loving, tender-hearted, encouraging, musical…and that’s just one person! Others are a bit more difficult. Maybe it’s because I struggle more with loving them. I don’t know. I’ve been praying that God would reveal to me things about them that I can be thankful for. I think this will open my heart to love them more. Not complaining and not gossiping is a hard task, but I do notice it changing our conversations. I do notice that I am using my words more cautiously.

Endless ramblings with no real purpose. Just for the sake of putting something down on the paper. (screen) I jump back into my crazy work schedule. Ready to conquer a few more cappuccinos.