Guys, I’ve been busy. I know. Lame excuse for a blogger. I should keep up with it better and I have been SLACKING! I know! I’m so sorry! But I have exciting news!

I have been weaving A LOT. And I recently entered two art shows, one here in Asheville, and one back in Rochester, NY. And I got into both of them! I am beyond excited, but also totally stressed because that not only means I have to have enough product for two shows, I also have to design a booth, and business cards, and probably a web site, and… so much more stuff!

So this is what I have been working on! I have been weaving like crazy. A friend at church gave me bags of yarn she didn’t need so I now have an amazing stash. And I am starting to plan a booth for a craft fair! I don’t even know what that entails, so I’m starting with research and planning and when I get back from Japan, (yes I’m going to Japan), I will start constructing a booth. Everything has to fit in my car because I’ll be driving up to NY for the show.

If you have any tips for building a booth for a craft fair let me know!


If you want to visit either of my shows, here’s the info.

East West Pop Up March 23-25 278 Haywood Road Asheville North Carolina

Mayday Underground April 29, 10-5pm Village Gate Mall Rochester New York

I’ve applied for a few more shows, so I’ll keep you informed if I go to any other ones! If there are any in your town that you think I should be a part of let me know!

Hope everyone is doing well!