…and its another year.

Did you make new years resolutions?

I wasn’t going to. But then I thought I would just make two goals for my year. Is that the same as a resolution? I don’t know. My goals for 2017 are to take better care of myself. This is very broad. It encompasses physical, spiritual, and emotional things. Things like exercise. Eat better. Sleep more consistently. Don’t let people take advantage of me. Do things for myself. Ge more involved at church. Don’t say yes to everyone and everything. Etc. And the other goal is to finish my book. There are lots of smaller goals within these goals, but I didn’t want to make a huge list of things that I would think about until about January 11th and then totally forget about until December and then be disappointed with myself that I can’t follow through with anything. So I still have my goal to read 35 books for my 35th year. Slow going in that area. I think I’ve read maybe 9 since September? I need to get a move on! And then my two goals for 2017.

Keeping it simple folks!

How about you? I want to hear what resolutions you made. Or didn’t make. I hope you all had a great Christmas/New Years! I’m enjoying the warm “winter” weather down here!