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Back in February, I decided that signing up for the Color Run in July would give me the motivation I needed to begin running and build up my strength in my right leg. I began training and even made it up to 1/4 mile of running, but I started having a lot of pain and my PT told me I probably shouldn’t run as it was only aggravating everything. Because part of my calf is missing, I probably won’t ever really run again.

I didn’t give up however. Participating in a Color Run has always been on my bucket list. So I trained with the elliptical and walking and was determined that although I couldn’t run, I would complete the 5k race in under an hour.


My friend Laura came up from Atlanta and my mom also joined us in the colorful walk.


It was so fun going through the flying colors and we kept a brisk pace coming in at the end in under an hour! Two years ago they told me I might not walk again. And maybe I’ll never run again, but at least I’ll be checking Color Run off my bucket list!



Next thing to check off… IRELAND! What are some things on your bucket list??