Second adventure of the week was to Nashville! Only 4 days after my sister moved to Nashville, Brighton and I were headed there ourselves. Brighton signed up to be an extra in the movie that the Story of God is helping with, and they wanted him to come the next day! I drove back to Asheville from Chapin to pick him up and we headed to Nashville late Tuesday evening.


Everyone was at the movie set 12-15 hours a day so Kimberly, Elouise & I spent a lot of time exploring on our own. Since she just moved there she is still figuring out where things are. We explored downtown Nashville, visiting Barista Parlor, Flip Burger, and an Italian Grocery store.


In Smyrna, where they live, we went to a local coffee shop, a farmer’s market, and we took Elouise to story time at a library.


It was a quick trip, but we had a great time. It was cool to hear about the movie and all of the SOG team’s experiences on set. They are living quite the adventure!