I have been trying to stick to the paleo diet for a few weeks now. That means no dairy, grains, or sugar. I’m being super strict about it at home, but not so strict when I go to people’s houses or out to eat. Although going out to eat isn’t so difficult if you know what to look for. I think because I love cooking and baking this is a fun challenge for me. Trying to make up or discover recipes that are free of dairy, grains and sugar is like a scavenger hunt or a weird science experiment. Some things turn out horrible, and some amazing. I’ll try to share my favorite recipes. But for today, here is my first big realization while living the paleo lifestyle.

Realization #1: I am not a breakfast person.

While people blog about their many wondrous breakfast discoveries. I look at them and try not to gag. Sweet potato for breakfast? avocado with an egg in it? Vegetable stir fry? Seriously? Give me a cup of coffee and I’m good until 2pm. And I don’t care if Mr. Paleo doesn’t want me to drink coffee. I’m never giving it up. (maybe that is my realization #2. I’m a coffee addict) This morning (who are we kidding, it was 11am, but that’s when I got up, so it was breakfast) I sat down with two beautiful fried eggs, a piece of crispy bacon on a weird grain/dairy/sugar free taco shell/crepe/pancake situation, all topped with fresh chopped cilantro and drizzled in siracha. Sounds amazing right? It was beautiful. I ate less than half of it. Gag me. My stomach revolts at that much rich flavor in the morning.

So I’m officially giving up breakfast. No more of that junk for me. I mean this is my life right? I’m not going to be a legalistic diet follower. I need to do what works for me. Maybe I can work in a smoothie or some juice or a piece of fruit in the morning, but no more of this sweet potato avocado brussels sprouts pepper zucchini ridiculousness. I’m happy if that works for you. But for today I am officially declaring I’m NOT a breakfast person! 

Anyone else feel this strongly about breakfast? Any great tips or ideas? Let me know!