I am happy to tell you that I have my writing team assembled! I am so excited because I have some pretty amazing people backing me up and helping me on this journey! Week 1 is done and on to the next!

One of my writing assignments this week is to determine my field of expertise. I had to ask my team what kind of expert they see me as, and then ask a few others to describe what kind of writer they view me as. I thought who better to ask than the people who read my blog.

Why do you read my blog? Why do you listen to me? What kind of writer do you view me as? And what kind of expert do you think I am?

So far I’ve gotten some pretty humbling answers. It’s always hard to ask for feedback about yourself but when you have people telling you that they think you are an amazing expert at _____ its humbling. This assignment has been an exercise in humility but also a huge encouragement and boost that is really helping me to feel like I CAN write this book. I CAN do this!

Thanks for your feedback!