The property manager at my apartment complex is a grump.

She is never helpful. Never kind. Never available. She is very frustrating and I hesitate to ask for work to be done in my apartment because I just don’t feel like dealing with her. The other day I went into the office to ask her to put in a work order for something and she was her normal grumpy self. But I sat down and asked her how her weekend was going and she talked for 20 minutes. I didn’t even say anything. She just talked and talked and talked.

Now whenever I even enter the building she lights up, waves, yells hello.

Guys. What a change! As I was walking out of the laundry room today after a brief happy conversation with her, I had a crazy thought, I was nice to her ONE time. I sat down and listened to her ONE time. And she is completely changed. She was so hard to get along with. So grumpy. I was so resistant to even talking to her. I judged her for her bad attitude while all the while I was also having an unforgiving and equally bad attitude. All it took was 20 minutes for a complete turnaround. We’re almost friends.

How often do we miss these opportunities? How often do we grit our teeth and say “that person is so grumpy” or “that person is so hard to get along with” and we don’t even try to be pleasant or listen to what’s going on with them. I’m not saying this will work in every circumstance. But I think I need to start going a bit out of my way to reach out and be nice to people. You never know what will happen.