Well friends, today is the day it starts! I signed up for a writing class and I am stoked! It is already a bit overwhelming, but I can’t wait to get started. The end goal is a finished book and I am looking forward to having people keep me on track and push me to actually publish my first book! The homework for this week is to assemble a team. I need to find a dreamer, a writer, an editor, and a marketer. I’ve been brainstorming some ideas but I am still trying to figure out who I need to be on my team. The point of the team is to have a group of people who encourage me and can provide feedback and constructive criticism while giving me ideas and pushing me to be a better writer! I feel like choosing these people is hugely important. If you have any great ideas for me let me know! I’ll keep you updated on my progress! On my way to becoming an author!