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Today we took a bus to Vienne. It was about 35 minutes from Lyon. Spent the morning with a tour guide leading us through Roman remains. There were old roman roads and a temple. It was so unexpected. I don’t know why I didn’t think about Roman rule in France, but I just didn’t.


We also visited an exquisite church with stained glass and gothic carving and decorations. Amazing. I love seeing all the architecture that you learn about in Art History.


There were so many different time periods of architectural history in this one small town. Sometimes all in one building. It was beautiful.


We had free time to wander Vienne. We went to a book store. I browsed books in French that I couldn’t read. The cook books were beautiful. We stopped in a cafe for espresso then went to the Christmas village. We purchased macaroons and madelines and a crepe filled with nutella.


YUM. I definitely fell in love with macaroons on this trip. They are the most amazing tiny cookies. Crisp colorful outsides and gooey chewy centers. When we returned to the boat we had to wait for a very long time.

IMG_3469 The dishwasher was broken so it had to be repaired. But eventually we were sailing again. Sailing to the south of France! The scenery is changing and is more mountainous and warmer! Olive trees began filling the landscape. The colors changed. It was no longer foggy and icy. The warmth slowly crept into our surroundings adding deep colors of browns, golds, and greens.


We landed in Tain-l’Hermatige, a little deserted town to spend the night. It was completely empty.


No one wandering the streets and no shops or restaurants open. When it was safe to disembark, most of us got off the boat to stretch our legs. Walking the streets of that ghost town it was amusing to only run into other Americans from the ship.