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This is a sermon by David Whiting. I wish it had video because the visual aid he used was amazing. But I think from the audio you can get the idea. This was one of the first sermons I ever heard David preach. It was one of the first weeks I visited Northridge. All by myself. I had just been greatly wronged by someone I trusted and my heart was a little broken and a lot in need of healing. I thought I needed an apology. I thought I needed someone to do something for ME. But after this sermon I realized that I needed to forgive. I was in tears by the end and after the sermon drove immediately to that person’s house and tearfully told them I forgave them. They had so greatly wronged me and I was forever changed, our relationship was never restored, but forgiving them lifted such a huge burden off my heart. My life was not only changed by the trial, but it was also changed by forgiveness.

That day I stopped looking for a church. That day I belonged to Northridge Church and I never looked back. My life changed. I came back to God. I stopped living for myself. It’s a decision I will never regret. Please take some time to listen to this sermon.

Here’s a link to the video he showed at the end of the message. Watch it. It will humble you greatly. These people’s response to the gospel is how we should respond, but we so often fail to recognize the enormity of Christ’s sacrifice for us.