Today I bought 5 yards of flannel. Nice warm and fuzzy plaids and plains. I am going to cut it into 3/4 inch strips and make it into yarn which I will then make into a flannel rag crochet rug.


Yup. I’m crazy. About 4 cuts into my navy blue I think I will probably realize what a huge task I have taken on and give up. But I have nothing but time. So we’ll see. I am excited for this project. I even ordered a HUGE crochet needle from Amazon since no one here sells it.


There’s a beautiful pattern in this crochet book for a rag rug and I just couldn’t resist trying it. Of course no one sells yarn like that so I had to make my own. But oh well. It was a fun project and It came out beautiful.


It is a hexagon shape. I think next time I would just make my own pattern and do an oval. It’s not as tight of a crochet as I would like. Maybe I could double up the yarn or something. But for a first try, its pretty neat.