Why do people in Finland look at my blog? Or Norway. Or Moldova, Bulgaria, Bahrain? So weird. The most popular blog posts I have written are recipes. Ones I didn’t even make up. Things I found on someone else’s blog, made myself, and then blogged about. Of course I give the original people proper recognition for their recipe, but still. My best writing was about oatmeal? Since I started this blog, I have had views from 91 countries. Thats 46% of the world. My blog has reached people in 46% of the world. But only on the level of oatmeal. How weird. What if my blog reached that much of the world for something really important. What if my blogs about the bombing, or about songs that speak to me or about church or real life were reaching that many people. I want my life to be about so much more than oatmeal. I know that it is, but I sometimes when I look at these stats, I think that all people see in my life is oatmeal. Oatmeal and Iced Coffee. And trust me, the iced coffee is amazing, so I won’t be offended if you look at that post.

I guess it’s just something I think about once in a while. When I look over my stats and see why people are visiting my blog. People close to me know my heart and the things that are important to me. But are those things really showing to the WORLD? Am I a city on a hill or a light under a basket? I know the numbers on my blog don’t really matter. And I can thank pinterest for my oatmeal fame. But it is a good reminder to me. Something to make me pause and think.

I want to be remembered for more than oatmeal. How bout you?