Apparently I have been horrible at keeping up with my blog. I am sorry! So many things have been happening, the days just slip by so quickly. You would think that I would have so much more free time since all I do is sit around, but I seem to keep so busy and I don’t ever get anything productive done!

This weekend we went the BBQ & Blues Fest at Highland Park. We had great food and listened to an obscure blues band that I have never heard of. It was packed and I was scared the entire time that someone was going to kick my leg. People kept stepping over it and getting so close to me. Plus the anticipation of being in a huge crowd like that with no means of escape. Interesting.

There were fireworks in Webster last night. I woke up thinking we were being bombed. They were so loud. Then I remembered there were fireworks at midnight and it was indeed midnight, so I was ok. They kept me awake though that’s for sure.

Today Allie visited our church and after church we decided to try a new coffee shop that just opened. We got there at 10:30 and they didn’t open until 11. So we just went to Javas. It was so nice outside that we just sat there for two hours and enjoyed the man playing the accordion, the sunshine, the light breeze, and the overall atmosphere of Gibbs St. We decided we could have more coffee so we went back to Fuego to check it out. Tony and Renee came from Javas and started their own place. It was great fun to see a coffee shop in the very beginning of its existence. I’m excited to see what it grows into. Then we jumped over to Revelry for some lunch. I had chicken & waffles. Never even heard of that before, but recently people have been talking about it, so I was ready to try it. Fried chicken on top of a waffle with maple syrup…interesting. It was good though. And Revelry is a great new Speak Easy on University. I loved the atmosphere and we’ll definitely be going back. They boast to have the best bar tenders in Rochester. Not sure about that, but we’ll see I guess.

And the weekend is over! Tomorrow we start again with PT. Things are progressing slowly. Nothing really new to report. At this point it’s all about strengthening my right leg (which is about 6 sizes smaller than my left) and waiting for the nerves to repair (which will take about FOREVER) I do get discouraged sometimes. Because I just want to WALK. Or be normal. Or not have to have people help me. Or not be in pain. Or have toes that always tingle. See. I’m not always happy!

I have a doctor appointment to assess the hole in my eardrum and see what we need to do with that. Peter’s doctor told him he has to have eardrum repair surgery on both ears, so I’m assuming I will need that in at least one ear, but really hoping NOT. I had tubes twice as a child and hate anything that has to do with my ears and ear pain.

Thursday I get the left foot pedal in my car so I can start driving! I passed my driving test and have a new amended license so once the pedal is installed I will be able to drive again! So excited for that. This also means that I will probably start playing in the worship band again, for which I am both anxious and apprehensive.

As I ramble on I realize this post is jumping all over and not very eloquent. But I guess that’s how I’m feeling right now. I will work this week to make some better writing. Sometimes it flows out and sometimes it doesn’t. At least you know what’s going on with me. For now.