I have been thinking a lot about Jesus as my Healer. For the past few weeks I have been so tired. Both physically and emotionally. My knees are having issues (I’m like 90 years old) And its making work really hard. I’ve seen an orthopedic surgeon and now have lots of exercises to do. Hopefully they will work! But anyway, this week I started thinking, why don’t I ever pray for healing?

I pray for others when they are sick. Just last week one of my good friends was told her cancer was gone after battling it for almost a year. I bawled my eyes out and praised Jesus because we have been praying so hard and so long for her healing.

I believe He is the Great Healer. I believe He can heal my knees and my heart. And its time I start acting on my belief! I am going to take my pain meds, and do my exercises, AND, I’m going to pray.

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