Last week I drove from Kansas City down to Dallas Texas. I have a lot of family down there and since I had to work Thanksgiving, I took a few days before turkey-day to go hang out with the fam.

I have discovered that I really do like driving by myself. If I can get a good audio book, music, snacks, and coffee, I’m good to go.

This is my favorite picture of Asher. He’s quite a character!

I stayed with my Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, and three cousins, and two dogs. It was great. We went to basketball games, watched movies, made pies, played outside, saw cows, pet horses, and ate good Texas food. I even saw a scorpion!

We did some exploring in the “woods” at Aunt Shary’s house.

We did “Thanksgiving” early since I had to be back in KC by Thursday for work. We packed up tons of food and headed out to the middle of nowhere to my other Aunt’s house for dinner.

Nathan helped Grandma make sticky buns for breakfast. They were AMAZING. My grandma makes the best sticky buns. I was in charge of making pies. I made apple, pecan, and chocolate.

This trip was different because usually when I visit my family I’m with lots of other people. But this time it was just me. I got alone time with my Grandma, and both of my Aunts & Uncles. That has never really happened before. It was great to just be able to sit and chat with them and get to know them even better.

My Aunt Shary has some beautiful horses out on her ranch!

We went to a western wear store and I got my very first pair of cowboy boots! Aren’t they so cute?? I love them!

Nathan is the cutest cowboy ever.

It was a sweet time with family and a refreshing time away. Its nice knowing they are only a few hours away and I can drive down there anytime I want! Isn’t my grandma the cutest?