While I was down in Asheville I visited the Biltmore Estate. It is a huge mansion built by George Vanderbilt II in 1889. Its 175,000 square feet and has 250 rooms. Huge.
I went by myself because Kim was working and no one else was there yet. So I wandered around this huge estate with my thoughts. I read about the family who lived there, the things they did, the food they ate, the people they entertained. There were many beautiful paintings by John Singer Sargent and other famous artists, detailed tapestries, elegant furniture, and books. Oh so many books. Vanderbilt’s library was one of the most breathtaking rooms. It was two stories with shelves lining all four walls. He had 23,000 books in his collection! Made me feel better about my 400. See, I have something to aspire to! The whole thing was quite impressive. The gardens are expansive and designed by Frederick Law Olmsted who also designed Central Park in NYC. He considered Biltmore Estate’s gardens and forests his greatest accomplishment. Here are a few pictures from my wanderings. If you’re ever down in Asheville, it’s a great sight to see.

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