Well the 2nd wedding of the summer is over. My sister was the most beautiful bride and I now have an awesome brother-in-law. I have been away from home for 2 weeks and I have had the most amazing time. I have been hiking, tubing, swimming, walking, eating great food and meeting very special people. Becca put it just right when we were saying goodbye after the wedding. She said it was like we’ve been at camp for 2 weeks and have met so many new best friends and now we have to say goodbye and send them back to their far corners of the states. It was such a blessing to be down here and have so many people pour encouragement into my life. It has been hot and sunny and beautiful. The wedding was busy, don’t get me wrong, but we pulled it off. Everything was perfect. I didn’t get a ton of pics because I was in the wedding, but here are a few.

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Becca has a lot more.

I’m visiting with Josh & Bri in Atlanta until this evening and then I begin my long drive back to NY. Its bittersweet. I miss my puppy. And some friends. But being away has given me some new ideas. A thirst for adventure and seeing new things. I’m ready to begin this new chapter. So excited to see what God writes into the pages.