This past weekend I went to the Barista Throwdown at Javas, our local coffee shop, with a bunch of friends.

The coffee shop itself was closed for the competition and baristas from all over Rochester and Buffalo were in attendance.

They were competing in latte art, which is something I have been forever trying to do without any success.

There were many, many talented baristas, but only one winner. I was so impressed with their skills and how easy they made it look!

It was a great night full of odd people, loud music, crazy latte art, and great fellowship with people I don’t see enough.

So, obviously I was then on a mission to learn latte art for myself. I watched a few videos on youtube, armed myself with a pitcher and a gallon of milk and went to work.

A friend at work and I practiced during all our slow times. We got better as time passed.

By no means am I halfway as skilled as the baristas in the competition, but I will keep practicing! It’s always fun to make work more artistic! Here’s my best one so far…