I recently read something that said

“the way to live is to believe and act on what God says rather than feel what God says”

This is faith!

Oh the craziness of this week and the emotional roller coaster that has been trying to overcome me! But in the midst of it all…PEACE. Whenever I felt craziness trying to capture my brain I knelt down in front of the Word and read and talked to God and prayed and begged. I begged Him, since HE is bigger than my feelings to allow me walk through the days without fear, without confusion, without over-reacting or saying things I would later regret. For a week that started out crazy, it ended with a long talk with a good friend, a hug, quiet and peace.

I don’t know what is to come. I don’t know what is going to happen. I know I won’t always react the right way. I know I won’t always trust Him. But I feel like I have turned over a new leaf. I know that no matter what comes, God is on my side and each day I am learning to surrender more and more to him.