Interesting that my life has become about blog posts. I think, what did I do or learn today that I can turn into a positive lesson and form into a blog post? Is that weird? Maybe. But it is also forcing me to look at each day and tear it apart and see the events that formed me. What about today made me stop and think? What was a lesson I learned or SHOULD have learned? How did I apply the sermon from Sunday or in what way did conversations at small group force me to live out today differently. I suppose blogging has forced me to live more analytically. But, I am finding that it does feel as if life has a bit more purpose when you are always looking for opportunities grow and lessons to learn. So think about it: It doesn’t have to be huge or monumental, just a trinket that you pulled out of the day that brought you closer to God or to a friend or inspired you to be a better person. What have you done today that would be worthy of a blog post?