Just a normal day today…worked at Starbucks all day. Then stayed even longer to cover for someone else. Then stayed even longer to wait for some girls to come meet me for dinner. When it’s all over I was in Pittsford for 14 hours today. Slightly ridiculous. But so the point of this…In small group we were talking about Pi2 (Pray, Invest, Invite) and we were focusing on investing. And we talked a lot about how we are investing in the lives of the people we have contact with every day. And the more I thought about it the more I was convicted. At my last store I knew everyone I worked with. Too well. I knew everything about their lives, I went out with them, hung out at their houses, met them at Javas etc. I knew them. I invested in their lives. I invited several of them to church. But my new store…I don’t know them at all. Sure I come in, have a blast with them at work, and then leave. But I don’t know who they really are. And the customers…Dude, Pittsford people are so snotty and they are so hard to converse with. Most of the time they are on their phones and don’t give you the time of day. So this week I was challenged to INVEST. First step. Ask girls to go out to dinner. (Girls always like to eat) And it was fun! Not a huge step in any direction, but I know them a tiny bit better and I think it’s the beginning of a great investment! So yeah, I was in Pittsford for 14 hours, but I think it was time well spent.