I do not take any time for stillness.

I don’t listen for God.

And I want him to speak to me and show me what I am supposed to do and what is my purpose, but then I don’t spend any time quietly listening for him. He has no chance to speak to me if I am always busy. So maybe this needs to be the year of stillness for me. I don’t need to do anything. Any improvements on my home, and moving about, and big projects or adventures. I just need to make my home a sanctuary where I can be still and listen to God. I don’t need to spend money on frivolous things I think I need.

I just need to be still.

In the noise of life how often do we forget to sit still? Do you ever spend time without your phone, or tv or computer in front of you? Without the music on. Or background noice. Do you ever just sit and listen in stillness?

As I sit and listen I can hear the hum of the heater warming my home. Several birds singing outside in the sunshine. A hawk is sitting on the fence in my neighbors yard. He has been there for the past few days so I guess he has decided to join our little community. He is large and majestic and his screaming call pierces through the morning fog. Fog that is rolling away as the sun breaks through the clouds and chases it back up the mountains. A cardinal cries repeatedly. Calling to its friends. Dorothy goes through 100 pounds of bird food each month, so I’m sure he is telling all his friends there is a glorious buffet awaiting them. An airplane echoes overhead. Thundering through the air and making Nigel cock his head in question. I always tell him “it’s an airplane” but I don’t think he remembers. Will he ever know? A few other birds have joined the cardinal in his song. I do not know all of their voices so I can’t tell you what kinds of birds they all are. My eyes are closed and I am just listening.

The sun is now streaming through my kitchen window warming my face and giving me hope that this day will be beautiful, even if it is cold. My refrigerator starts to hum adding its voice to the chorus. A truck rumbles past on the busy main road. And the heater switches off with a click-click, the fan slowing its motion, leaving me in even more silence. Even the birds are quiet right now. I can hear the low hum of my laptop and the click of my keys as I type these words. Nigel rolls over on his perch where he spends his day looking out the window. The Neighborhood watch. In the stillness do I hear from God? Or do I just hear the low roar of the highway a few miles away. The birds bring up their chorus again. And I’m reminded that God cares for the sparrow. So he will also care for me.

There are so many things to hear in the silence.

I just hope I can learn to hear His voice.