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I can’t write travel blogs without blogging about my hometown can I? There are so many things I love, love, LOVE about Rochester, but to keep in tune with my weekend posts, I will simply give you a few things to do if you have a day to spend in the amazing Rochester, New York.


It’s a Saturday morning, so of course the best place to start your day is at the Rochester Public Market.  Stop into Javas or Fuego for some coffee. I never get flavored coffees but at the market for some reason I always get an almond flavored iced latte. Both coffee shops are coincidentally right next to the most amazing bakery at the market, which you will of course have to visit.  At Flour City Bread you will find some of the best granola you have ever put into your mouth, as well as the most  light and flakey chocolate croissants you can dream of. Please. Indulge.

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Wander the different areas of the market and just take in all the sights, sounds, and smells. Don’t smell too hard in the fish area. Yuck! But the cheeses and fresh fruits & veggies and the food. Oh the food. Yes I really just go to the market to EAT. Fresh made empanadas, the best breakfast sandwiches ever, poutine if you’re lucky enough to go when the poutine truck is there… I could go on and on but I’ll let you experience it for yourself.


What else should you do with your day? I mean I could take you to so many coffee shops and amazing places to eat, but for the sake of time, we will narrow it down. You will of course want to have lunch somewhere amazing. I would pick Esan. On the famed Park Avenue, Esan is the king of Thai food. Tom, the owner, is from Vietnam, so it doesn’t really make sense, but he is adorable, and the food is AMAZING. Although it is a very unimpressive looking spot, I promise if you like Thai food, you will love it. Sit outside if you can. Sitting outside on Park Ave is glorious. For people watching mostly. The perfect quintessential Rochester experience.

Right down the street from Esan, is Abbotts which is where you absolutely need to stop for some creamy custard. My favorite is the chocolate almond and it is one of the things I miss most about not living in NY anymore. Luckily they just opened a location in Greer, SC, which is only about an hour away. An hour for the best ice cream ever is definitely not too far to drive.

Now that you are full of thai food and custard, you can hop over to East Ave and take in a matinee at The Little Theater. Opened in 1929, this theater is a gem of downtown Rochester. They have cute little cafe where you can often find live jazz music, art exhibits, and of course movies. This intimate setting makes seeing a movie so unique. Don’t forget to grab a Naniamo Bar for a snack from the concessions stand. The only place I have ever seen these bars, and they are perfection. Chocolatey goodness with creme filling and a nutty crust.

One last stop. You definitely need a late night garbage plate! Founded in 1918, these garbage plates have been a staple of Rochester cuisine for a LONG TIME! Our favorite location to get a garbage plate is from Empire Hots in Webster, but you can find these famous plates at many establishments around Rochester. I know it sounds weird, but please believe me when I say you will find this to be quite addicting and you will find yourself craving one next week. I know I will be.


What are your favorite things about Rochester? I’d love to hear about your travels.

What do you buy when you travel? Souvenirs? Keepsakes? Here’s a great shirt I picked up last time I was visiting.  I usually buy a hand made pottery mug in the blue/green/teal color scheme. All of my mugs “match” but are from all over the world. Every day I drink coffee from a different one and I remember my adventures.

This weekend I’m off to Nashville, so check in next week to see my Nashville post!

Happy travels!