What do you do when life shakes you?

Tim Tebow’s book, Shaken, is full of motivational stories that give great examples of how to take on life’s challenges in the midst of storms. It is a quick and easy read, and a glimpse into the heart of Tim Tebow. He has had a lot of setbacks in both his life and career, but he has never allowed it to shake his faith in God. Choosing to find your identity and worth in Christ allows you to live life without the highs and lows. It gives you a firm foundation, and gives you a purpose here on earth.

He shares his stories not to be a martyr but to be a fellow-traveler. To inspire others to learn from the hard times and never give up! He also encourages people to always push themselves to be better. Tebow says it’s important to remember that your best days are in front of you. “If your world is shaken and you feel lost and heartbroken in your pain… [God] offers you a new life, an abundant life… even in the midst of suffering.” p. 202.

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