I never thought writing a book would be so hard! I thought I would just sit down and write and it would pour out of me and I would just recount what happened to me and the amazing lessons I learned (that I still don’t know what they are exactly) And poof, I’d have a book done. But man it is much harder than I thought and much more involved. I thought I’d have grown so much and have so many words of wisdom on suffering and most of the time I just feel like I am blank and have nothing to say. Most of the time I just stare at the computer, or move sentences around. I want to finish it so badly. I am getting into more of a routine. I know I work better in a routine. But it’s still hard. And there’s still a long way to go, but I have a great team cheering me on, and I have a great group of writers that I am working with. I know I will finish, it just seems so slow at this point.

Georgia O’Keefe says “Making your unknown known is the important thing”. And I guess that’s what I am doing. Making my unknown, known. I’m writing this book to share myself. My story. And it might not touch very many people’s lives, but I know it will be healing for me and hopefully encouragement to others.