I’m a bit behind because I’ve been busy enjoying the summer. Two weeks ago Brighton and I drove out to Knoxville to explore, visit our family & friends who are on tour, and to see the Story of God show.

We spent most of our time in Old City. There were great old brick buildings, an amazing coffee shop, fun alley ways and a train station that made you feel like you stepped back in time.


We explored an abandoned train station with huge silo type things. It was super creepy because I was pretty sure homeless people were living in there, but we got some awesome pictures.


After a morning of exploring, we picked up Kimberly and Elouise and had a delicious lunch at The Tomato Head. We ate quickly so as not to miss the beginning of the show., which was fabulous as usual. We caught up with our famous friends on tour over dinner, said our goodbyes and drove back through the mountains to Asheville during a glorious sunset.


Adventure for the week, success!