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The stairway of God

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Jacob dreams of a stairway to heaven. Sometimes life feels like a stairway. Like going up steps that will never end. “Sometimes you’re just the most tired of trying to be strong.” And you feel like you are always grasping , reaching, striving for that next rung. Always trying to pull yourself closer to God. But this Advent season, its time to change that thinking. We don’t have to climb closer to God, because He came DOWN the ladder to US.

“Jesus doesn’t show you the steps to get to heaven – Jesus is the steps to heaven.”

Think about it. How would your perspective change if you started thinking this way? “When you are wrung out, that is the sign you’ve been reaching for rungs. The work at the very heart of salvation is the work of the very heart of Christmas: simply rest.” God is reaching down to you. “Grace carries you all the way home.”