My good friend Allie travelled with me to Asheville. It was great to have a travel companion and such a blessing to have someone help me unpack and get settled in my new apartment! I love her so much! We decided to take a break from unpacking and cleaning and go off on some adventures.

Our adventuring took us to Charleston last week and on to Chapin, SC to visit our dear friend/most awesome lady ever, Debbie and finally to Greenville.

Charleston is a very old city with colorful stucco buildings and cobblestone streets.


We ate amazing southern food, and explored the town walking down street after street of little shops, antique stores, and tiny restaurants.


It’s such a colorful place.


We sat by the ocean, watching dolphins swimming, fish jumping and pelicans soaring overhead.

IMG_4911 IMG_5000 IMG_5076

This is at a plantation we visited. I just love Spanish moss. It is so eerie and whimsical. Beautiful.


Debbie took us out on her boat for dinner. We sailed around, swam in the lake, ate delicious food, watched the birds circling this island where the come to sleep at night, and watched a glorious sunset.


The next day we headed home but made a pit stop in Greenville. Greenville is about an hour from my new house. It is a small, fun city with a river walk, delicious coffee and bubble tea, and great streets to wander.

IMG_5148 IMG_5157When we returned to Asheville, Allie packed her things and continued on her summer trip. Kansas was next in her sights. I worked more on settling into my apartment and getting it ready for my next two guests who will stay for the rest of the summer!

I do want to show you around my apartment, so look for that coming soon!