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Now by Your grace I stand
Healing is in Your hand

A few weeks ago we had a conference at our church. A man I haven’t seen in a long time approached me and asked how I was healing since the bombing and said that him and his family continue to pray for me. It always amazes me that so many people STILL pray for me. I am so blown away by this and I LOVE it. “So, you can stand?” he asked. I was STANDING there talking to him…how do you respond to that?? I couldn’t be sarcastic… so I just smiled and said “Yes, yes I can stand!” haha we chatted for a few seconds more and he walked away. I added his comment to my list of “strange things people say to you when you’ve been blown up”, and didn’t really think any more of it. Until right now.

This weekend I went to Passion City Church in Atlanta with my friend Biagio. I love Passion City and was so excited to be able to finally GO there for church! It was so refreshing. We sang this song during worship and I just started crying. What truth. Only by God’s grace I can STAND. Healing has come directly from His hand. I don’t think I have really thought about the words of that song. Like really thought about them. I know it had more meaning to me now. Now that my injuries limit my movement and walking and standing. But I do know that it is only by the grace of God that I am standing. And so yes, to the dear old man who asked me if I could stand. Almost a year after the bombing. Almost a year after my leg was almost ripped off my body. YES! I can stand! And it is only by God’s grace.



The entire service was so great. You can watch the sermon by Louie Giglio here