My amazing, inspiring, beautiful friend Lindsay who decided she wanted to be just like me and experience crutches, a boot, and nerve pain. ❤ Love you girl!


I’m realizing that I have the really bad habit of writing as an outpour of PAIN. I guess when harsh reality comes crashing down, I don’t know what else to do besides allow the lull of the monotonous clicking of the keyboard to calm me, my emotions being sifted like the fine flour and the obnoxious clumps of cupcake ingredients.

A few weeks ago, my pastor Michael shared a story from the book of Acts. In the story, Paul and Timothy are trying to decide where to head next on their missionary journey. They head north, only to be rejected and turned back around. They head east…no such luck. Eventually, God appears in Paul’s dream, telling him to go west. I want to question: “hey, God, couldn’t you have given them a heads up before they trekked hundreds of miles on donkeys (or whatever else they road) and spent months…

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