I love this girl and her outlook on many different things. This post is awesome. Instead of focusing on who is single or not, lets just do life together. “Let’s journey together whatever phase of life that may be.”

Everyday Journey

I had planned on blogging about my awesome canning experience and showing off pictures from our garden harvest, but that was an epic fail. So instead, I’ll share on a topic I am familiar with. SINGLENESS. There, I said it.
One thing I appreciated (among many) about my life in PA was that there were many people who where in the same phase as life I was and many friends who I could relate to and commiserate with. Many in my church also supported me and invited me to be part of their families. However, in the heartland, I find, well many people marry their high school sweetheart at a ripe young age and off they go… Which honestly warms my heart and is indeed lovely.
Since the culture is a tad bit different here than on the east coast, I have found myself in more awkward, and sometimes humorous…

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