I turned 32 this week…Yeah old. 🙂 Here are 32 things I have to be thankful for this birthday.

1. carrot cake
2. champagne
3. highland park diner breakfast
4. cupcakes
5. javas
6. painting pottery
7. dinner with the girls at Pomodoro
8. Roberts “reunion” with Kim & Sara (haven’t seen them in 6 years!)
9. I haven’t used crutches in over 2 weeks
10. today the doctor said I could ditch my leg brace
11. I am getting feeling back in my leg. I can feel pressure all the way down to my ankle!
12. Flower bouquets from friends with happy sunflowers
13. chocolate
14. big mugs
15. minty chap stick (thanks Hannah!)
16. Barnes & Noble gift cards (yes plural)
17. my brother made me a delicious dinner…pasta with goat cheese cream sauce with bacon and basil…yum
18. two birthday cards from my grandma…
19. its so HOT
20. corn on the cob
21. We finally got to Prince Edward Island after dreaming about it for years
22. I moved back up in the attic (hello my own space!)
23. face-time so Liz and Kim and Colton could be there for my birthday cake 🙂
24. I can now walk 1/2 mile in 14 minutes
25. my hair stopped falling out (THANK YOU GOD!)
26. fall is coming (APPLES!)
27. I’m officially back on the worship team (sitting at the keyboard rather than standing, but we make it work)
28. I’ve gotten an exciting little job offer…more on that later
29. Today I got set up on all the weight machines at the Y so I can start going to the Y on non-PT days (walk, swim, lift)
30. wonderful friends
31. even more wonderful family
32. I almost didn’t make it to my 32nd birthday. So I am thankful that because God chose to keep me on this earth, He must have important things for me to do.


I am Boston Strong!


Photo by Ondrey Photography