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Living in Boston has always been on my bucket list. I crossed it off. I lived there for a month. I had an amazing view of the city skyline and the harbor. I met baseball players and movie stars. I had royal treatment. Not exactly the stay I had imagined, but amazing none the less. I’m sure I would still like to live in Boston, but I consider that checked off my list. Next on my list is visiting Prince Edward Island. This has been on my list since I was little. Since I first saw Anne of Green Gables I have wanted to walk on the red sand beaches, visit the lighthouses, feel the ocean breeze on my face, and walk where Anne walked. This week, I will be checking that off my list as well.

Allie, Jenny, Kim and I are embarking on this grand adventure. We will drive up the coast of Maine stopping in any village we wish, eating so many lobsters, taking so many pictures, and seeing so many things none of us have ever see before. The bridge to get onto PEI is 7 miles long. Imagine that! I think we will se seals, maybe whales, maybe PUFFINS! I am excited beyond measure. It is going to be an epic vacation to be sure!

If you’ve never seen Anne of Green Gables, watch it. I know it’s not for some people, but  I just love her. I love the movie, the music, the book… PEI here we come!