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I got a new boot. And my leg brace is at 0 degrees. Which means I can now straighten my leg all the way. If my leg would cooperate. Which it isn’t currently and it is hovering somewhere around 13 degrees. I have to stretch it every day. PAINFUL! The new boot is a walking boot. Which means…walking! Right now I can only put my toes down and barely put any weight on it at all, but my poor baby leg hasn’t had any weight on it in oh 68 ish days?? So it is a WHIMP! I started doing some muscle strengthening with it today and it was not fun. I can BARELY squeeze my quad muscle. It just twitches and dies. But I will keep working at it. Also, the best news, I don’t have to wear my brace to bed anymore! I still have to wear this huge puffy boot to keep my foot from flopping around, BUT no brace! And that is SOO much more comfortable for sleeping. So nice! I’m off all pain meds except for the nerve pain one, and I don’t have to wake up during the night anymore to take them. Also good for sleeping. I don’t notice anymore feeling in my leg, but as the doctors keep saying, it will just take time. So things are progressing, but slowly. I am anxious to be walking around like normal and not have to use crutches, but know I need to have patience. I was cleared to start swimming so I can’t WAIT to start doing some laps and water walking! I think it will feel sooooo good! Overall I’m doing great. I have lots of soreness/stiffness but I know that’s just part of the process. Next week I’m taking a class so I can start driving, which is awesome! Summer is here and I’m enjoying the hot weather and the sunshine. Can’t wait to get into the pool!

Just a quick update for you all. Thank you so much for your prayers!