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A girl who checked me out at the store tonight asked me what happened to my foot. I’m always so reluctant to say “I was in the boston bombing” It just sounds weird to say. Also, then people feel really terrible for asking you. But she didn’t skip a beat. Her eyes opened wide and she said “Well, there must be a really important reason you are still here. I’m glad you’re still here”


What an amazing response!

NO ONE has said that to me since the bombing. There must be an important reason I am still here. I admit I have thought about this. I could have died that day. But I didn’t. God spared my life. God spared OUR lives. How humbling to think about that. So much more pressure! Whatever he has for me to do, I need to be able to do that with excellence. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.

So humbling, but so, so exciting!