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There’s a bird that hangs out around our house. I’m not sure what kind of bird it is. But it is always singing. Sometimes its on one side of the woods, sometimes the other. You can hear it no matter where you are in the house. It sings all day. You would think that would get annoying, but this bird just sounds so joyful. So happy. It just has to proclaim. And proclaim it does. I like the bird. It’s nice to hear his cheery song all throughout the day. Last night there was a huge thunderstorm. It was loud and rain was pouring down. Several times I woke up to loud crashes of thunder and the house shaking on its foundation. And one time when I woke up I noticed that the bird was chirping. Nice and loud. Amidst the thunder and the rain, his song could be clearly heard. I rolled over and went back to sleep, but I remember thinking, wow even in the midst of this awful storm, that bird is still so happy.

How does that bird always sing? He hasn’t a care in the world. And even when storms are raging all around him, he still lifts his song. It just struck me. Made me think before I drifted back to sleep. Maybe I need a little more singing in my storm. Maybe I can learn a lesson from a crazy bird. There’s a quote someone said that goes something like this: “Instead of telling God how big the storm is, tell the storm how big your God is”. And maybe that’s just what I needed to remember today. God knows already how big my storm is. He knows my knee hurts and my ankle hurts and I can’t feel my foot and I can’t walk. He knows what I am going through and what I will be going through. And maybe I just need to think about that more often and think about the storm less.

Maybe I need to start singing.