Today was a rough day. I got my stinky cast removed. Thank God! My leg looks disgusting. Not really. To me it does. It’s skinny and white and well…hairy. My wound is “not that bad” according to other people. I can’t handle stuff like that so to me it is so gross. They didn’t put another cast on as planned. They replaced it with a full leg brace. So I have to now change my dressing on the wound twice a day. Ahem…my MOM has to change my dressing twice a day. I really would do it, but I can’t reach most of it, so someone definitely has to help. Liz’s mom, who is a nurse, came over tonight to walk my mom through it and help ease my mind about how terrible it is to have to change your own dressing. The brace allows me to bend my knee more but not straighten my leg completely. So it feels much less stable than the cast and it hurts like heck to bend my knee since it has been immobilized for so long. (this really is a good move, I am just not feeling great about it yet)

I did sit on the couch and cry tonight. I can’t be upbeat all the time! There are moments  where crying is what I need to do and tonight was one of those times. But my sweet parents sat with me. Cried with me. And prayed for me. And I know God’s mercies are new every morning, so even though today was a rough day, here’s hoping tomorrow is a better one.