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They tried to make me go to rehab and I said no, no, no…

Admit it, that’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “rehab”. Colton keeps singing it to me.

Today should be the day. The day I leave this hospital and move to a rehab center. I have been in this hospital 9 days. I have been outside my room 1 time, besides for surgery. I have to admit that it scares me a little to go out into the real world. My hospital room is relatively safe.

Rehab has three hours of physical therapy a day. That scares me. But then I remember that Meggie and I were spending almost 3 hours a day at the Y before I came here, so I got this! We were swimming almost an hour a day and I know that is the only reason I have the upper body strength to pull myself around on the walker. God was preparing me for this long before I even knew I would need the strength.  Amazing right?

Please continue to pray for pain management for all of us. It can be extremely frustrating to be in so much pain. Also continue to pray for God’s healing in each of our lives. Lastly pray for my family members who although they were not hospitalized, still experienced as much trauma as we did and who are getting very worn traveling from hospital, to hospital, surgery, to surgery. There is no way we could make it through each day without all of your prayers. Thank you so much for your faithfulness.