Here’s a quick rundown of all the fun things I made for Christmas gifts this year!


Stashing through the snow tree ornaments. For the mustache man in your life… These were so fun and so easy. I’ll definitely be making more for next year!


I made LOTS of scarves this year. I discovered how easy it was to make infinity scarves and went a little crazy. Everyone got one this year. Hurray for warm necks!



I also made a ton of bow ties. For all my hipster friends of course. I doubt any of them will actually wear them in real life, but it sure was fun to make them.

IMG_3286Ethan was a willing model for my very first bow tie.

IMG_0293The map head acted as a model as well. Doesn’t she look fabulous?

IMG_3470Colton was my final mode. Ain’t they cute?



I made these paper bag envelopes to wrap the ties in. They came out so great and they were super easy.

IMG_3334I made these mittens out of an old sweater from goodwill. They didn’t turn out perfect, but its a great idea and I’ll definitely be creating more things out of old sweaters! Great way to re-purpose! 


I got this great frame at an antique shop in Kansas City and sketched this octopus for Virginia. Last handmade gift for this year! What did you make for Christmas? I’d love to hear about it!