Well, I am here in Kansas. Not exactly sure why. Sometimes I feel like I woke up and decided on a whim to move somewhere, and picked Kansas. It feels weird. I feel out of place. Or really just like I am a fun vacation with Liz & Allie and will get to go home in a few days. Back to my comfy bed, my puppy, my family, my friends, and my places to go.

We drove for 3 days and stopped to do many fun things in-between. We visited our dear friends Allie & Joel in Indianapolis, explored that city for a while then moved on to Elkhart Illinois where we stayed with Rob & Sarah and had a fabulous time. From Elkhart we visited St. Louis and went up in the arch and went to some great places there. Then we finally got to Kansas City. It is so far away here!

We unpacked, shopped, explored, went to a Royals game, made it on national television, cooked, ate, shopped some more, and just have been enjoying our fun time together. I do like it. I think it will take a while for me to get used to it. I like our house and Sue & Liz, my roomies. We have three big trees in our yard, oak, sycamore, & maple. We live on a hill. I didn’t think Kansas would have hills. We live near a miniature pony farm. I fully intend to ask them if I can walk their ponies down the road. How fun. There’s a cute little puppy who lives next door, and three annoying schnauzers on the other side. They never stop barking.

Today I made homemade mac & cheese, pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and bought mums to plant all around our yard to give it some color. Its been raining and cool, so it feels a bit fallish. It will be back to 100 on Monday, so the fleeting fall feeling will be over. Tomorrow is church and then Allie will go back home to Rochester. I think that’s when it will become real.

I didn’t get placed at a Starbucks, but they are using me as a floater until a space opens up at a store. Its a little annoying to work at lots of different stores, but it will be a good way to get to know all the stores around here. And I have 40 hours next week so that’s a blessing. I’m looking forward to working again. It will at least be something normal!

I’ll take some pictures once it stops raining. Miss everyone back in NY! Come visit me soon!