This week is craziness! Trying to see everyone to say goodbye. Its bittersweet. I am so excited to be moving, but so sad that I won’t be seeing many of my closest family and friends for a long time!

Today we met my grandparents, aunt, and my mom’s cousins at Stoney Brook. We grilled tons of food (mostly fake meat ick), ate a lot, hiked a lot, and talked a lot. It was fun to spend time with everyone.

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I’m packing. And unpacking. And re-packing. I have no idea what things I want to take with me and what I want to leave behind. Every time I un-pack, I throw more things away or give more things to goodwill. It feels good to be purging, but I am overwhelmed! My room is a disaster of different piles, most of which I don’t know where they should go. Pray for me! Only 5 more days to go!