Wow. Moving is insane. I am a planner. I like things to be known. Certain. This deal, moving to Kansas, has been anything but predictable. I feel like I am doing my best to be wise and do what I feel like God is leading me to do, but I am having such a hard time trusting him and I am so stressed. I have a place to live. That is certain. I have no idea what to pack to bring. Today I got my transfer with Starbucks approved, but I haven’t been placed at a store yet, so I have a job, but I don’t know where. The District Manager wants to put me in one of the busiest stores to see how I do because she would like to promote me back to manager. Which is awesome. But also intimidating because their “busy” stores make about $36K/week and our “busy” stores here only do $24K soo…that seems insane to me. I have no idea how to work at a $36K store! Oh and one more crazy uncertainty, my car died today and I will be buying a new car this week to take with me to Kansas. Insane. So yeah, quick update on my life and the state of things pre-moving. I really just can’t wait to be in the car driving towards my next chapter. The time between now and then seems so daunting because there is so much to get done, figure out, pack, plan etc. Overwhelmed. But peacefully so. God has opened every door, wider than I imagined, so I know that He will somehow give me the strength to get everything done.