“You cannot love a fellow-creature fully till you love God.”
~ C.S. Lewis The Great Divorce

You’re the center of the universe
Everything was made in You Jesus
Breath of every living thing
Everyone was made for You

You hold everything together
You hold everything together

Christ be the center of our lives
Be the place we fix our eyes
Be the center of our lives

We lift our eyes to heaven
We wrap our lives around your life
We lift our eyes to heaven, to You

~ Charlie Hall ~

There is a thread that has been running through my days lately. I wonder, if you fully love God would all others fade away? Or would you begin to truly love them as God does? How would my life be different if I loved God so much more than I love anyone else? I just underlined this quote in a book I am reading, “Realizing that all your needs are truly met in Christ will keep you from expecting too much from others.”

Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose. ~ C.S. Lewis

How often I do this. I put all my hope in people and expect so much from them and because everyone is sinfully human, they usually let me down. And every time someone lets me down, I get so, so hurt. It’s also not fair. I am holding them to standards that are impossible for them to meet.  Mark Driscoll recently said “When your identity is rooted in Christ, you get to stop using people and start loving them”.

“There is but one good; that is God. Everything else is good when it looks to Him and bad when it turns from Him.” ~ C.S. Lewis The Great Divorce

I know this is a rather disjointed post. My mind is all over the place right now. I have really really been trying to apply this to my life though. There are people who I love SO so so much and I always hope and pray that they will realize how much I love them and begin to treat me better in return, and it never works out quite that way. So I think God is slowly turning me around and beginning to show me that I will never love people the right way OR get the love I desire from them in return UNTIL I am fully in love with Him.

I just finished reading The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis (hence all the quotes from that book) I loved it and I especially loved the end. A woman in heaven is talking to the man she was married to on earth. He is living in hell and she is trying to explain to him why he should choose a different way of life. THE way of LIFE.

‘What needs could I have,’ she said, ‘now that I have all? I am full now, not empty. I am in Love Himself, not lonely. Strong, not weak. You shall be the same. Come and see. We shall have no need for one another now; we can begin to love truly.’ ~ C.S. Lewis The Great Divorce

I step out into a new day (since its 12:07 am) and I am PRAYING that God will show me how to love him MORE that I love others. I want to be fully in love with Him. I want Him to be the bottom of my joy and I want to begin to love truly.

One last quote from a favorite movie that I think sums it all up quite well…

Marilla Cuthbert: You set your heart too much on frivolous things and then crash down into despair when you don’t get them.
Anne Shirley: I know. I can’t help flying up on the wings of anticipation. It’s as glorious as soaring through a sunset… almost pays for the thud.
Marilla Cuthbert: Well, maybe it does. But I’d rather walk calmly along and do without flying AND thud