We were talking about serving in our small group this week, and someone brought up something that I had never thought of before. She said every time before they went out on stage their worship leader would tell them they were invisible. Their job was to play music and lead people to worship God. No one should see them up on the stage with their instruments. It wasn’t about them. It was about God.

This is SO hard. Every week we are up on the stage and on the big screen. Over 1,000 people see us each week. We are recorded, put online, watched, critiqued, judged. People notice how we dance, mess up, make faces, sing wrong words, or trip over chords. We get tons of comments about what we wear. What we should wear. How our hair looks. Ok, maybe that’s just the girls, but still. I once had a lady tell me that she loved the necklace that the keyboard player wore. It was turquoise and she always noticed when she was wearing that necklace. She loved it so much. It was such a great necklace. She couldn’t even remember what the keyboard player looked like, but she wanted me to tell her that she loved that necklace. (It was me) I stopped wearing the necklace. A very wonderful father of one of my good friends hugs me every week after service and tells me I’m a rock star. Makes my day. đŸ™‚ But honestly. How hard is it to go up there week after week and NOT think about what you look like or what 1,000 people are thinking about you?

Her comment really got me thinking. I am invisible. I should BE invisible.

So as I fall asleep tonight and think about getting up in the morning and leading people in worship, I am praying that God would help me to be invisible. That they wouldn’t see me or my new skirt or Britt’s boots, or how awesome Willie is when he gets really into playing the bass. I’m praying that we would be invisible. And that we would lead the people to see God. To worship Him. To see that it’s not about us at all.

He is all that matters.